Saturday, April 01, 2006

The BackHoes have been going at it for a few days now. Not to pleasant on the ears. Our sincere apologies on the noise. It should last for a few more days. Once the CZM (Coastal Zone Management) permit came through we were able to start the clearing for the Pavilion. It can be a time consuming process.

Teran, Abel, Doug, and Patrick have been filling rock cribs. They take a break as the Backhoes continue to dump rock. Unfortunately, as with all construction, trees need to be taken down. Once the pavilion is constructed we will plant back as much as we can.

Dave Thompson and Juan Carlos work on surveying the dig. Dave is our Project Manager and a gentleman. Too smart for his own good.

I had to do a Concordia Tour today. It is a pleasure to show people Concordia. Everyone loves the Eco Tents however, some opt for the Studio Units that have more of the modern comforts of home. Here is a terrific bunch from Maho. This was a nice day. When you come stay at Maho please sign up for a tour at the activities desk.

This is Carlos Solis, an Archeological Surveyor. I picked him up at the ferry yesterday afternoon and their he was holding his shovel. He was ready! Carlos will be examining the land parcels that are for sale at Estate Concordia Preserve to see if there are any cultural remains from past communities that may have existed. Thank you Carlos!


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