Monday, April 03, 2006

Rich is finishing up on the downstairs kitchen to the Mandahl House, Concordia's new employee housing. Upstairs are 6 studio bedrooms where our construction crew resides. The downstairs will be the Resident Manager living quarters. It would be a good place to do Reality TV. Call it Construction in Paradise.

It should be another week before the downstairs is completed. Paradise Gas should be coming out today to change over the propane tanks. The small tanks don't cut the mustard with this hungry crew. Sad to say, Rich will be leaving us. He has been with us since October but has an itch to do some more traveling. Construction is a great field to be in for working and seeing the world.

Here is the Mandahl Estate, once a one story house. I look forward to the landscaping. We have one of the best Mango Trees on St John in the front yard. There is fresh water well that has been here for a hundred years. Soon, we will be checking out what has fallen in over the years. Hopefully nothing will crawl out of the TV set.

The constructed wetland has been put on hold. No concrete until April 15th. We need to pour the walls.

This is Gail Vandebogart. She has the Ceramic Concession at Maho Bay Camps (Maho Bay Clayworks). She does exceptional work. I love her frigate bird pottery. Gail has produced room number tiles for the Eco Tents. The ceramic board has been cut and I spent the morning predrilling holes for mounting.

We will be changing the Tent Numbers soon as well as naming each area of cabins after the local floral and fauna. What is currently Eco Tent 12 will soon become Orchid 1.
The sections will be named Orchid, Turks cap, Sage Point, Pipe Organ, Frangipani, and Gumbo Limbo. So, in the near future when you request a cabin you may say "I would like to request Turks Cap 7 or Sage Point 13" Every cabin has it's own charm just like at Maho Bay.

This is Glenn Speer, Architect for our new Yoga Pavilion. He has designed some of the most beautiful buildings on St John utilizing the classic stone and coral aesthetic of the old Caribbean Plantations.

Mongoose Junction is a perfect example of Glenn's accomplishments:

I heard that he once built a castle out in California.

Little Lameshur Beach...a nice hike or drive from Estate Concordia. St John has 30 beaches to choose from. It is so nice to live here and enjoy this Insurmountable beauty.


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