Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The rock pile is getting bigger. The crew is on the other side loading the rocks into Stone Cribs. So, the backhoe cuts into the hillside and creates the stones used to fill the basket; all resources are being used. Down at the constructed wetland I am going to run the branches and small tree's that were removed through a mulcher. Allied Tool rental is going to go over to ST Thomas and pick it up for me on Friday. The shavings will go back into the wetland helping retain moisture by shading the soil.

Joseph, is our company mechanic. He has come over to Concordia from Maho to repair the breaks. You do not want to be caught with no breaks on these roads. I am going to drive down to Nanny Point and take some photographs of the land we have for sale. Thanks Joseph!

But before Nanny Point, I need to get with Shay, Concordia's Resident Manager (left photo) and go over tile placement on the Cabins. I think we may need some more tiles created.

Here's me holding up one of Gail's Room number tiles. Too small? I am at what is now E1 but this cabin will soon become Turks Cap 9. I think the tiles will look nice once they are in place. Gail will soon be making larger tiles that denote each section of the Eco-Tents. The tiles will have the floral and fauna engraved as well as the name engraved. Gail has an apartment for rent that I can afford. Rents on St. John have risen remarkably as St. John has been discovered by many as a great place to live in the 21st century. It is wonderful here and is only getting better.

The best seat on St John. This is right at the top of the road that leads down to the land parcels for sale. What a view! It felt so good today. Let's drive down to Nanny Point.


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