Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mission Statement

The Estate Concordia Preserve has been established to restore and maintain the fragile eco-systems adjacent to the Virgin Islands National Park in Estate Concordia, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. The mission of the Preserve is to achieve optimal bio-diversity and sustainability of the natural environment consistent with St. John’s native plant, bird and animal life as well as low impact development and human habitation. Land owners within the boundaries of the preserve will be encouraged and expected to support and participate in the fulfillment of this mission through mandatory membership in the Estate Concordia Preserve Association and providing reasonable access to their property for the re-introduction of species and the management of vegetation, bird and wildlife habitat. The Preserve will also co-operate with the Virgin Islands National Park and the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park to establish programs and policies designed to be a model for the Park and other private conservation areas on St. John.

As you can see, the drive down to Nanny Point is captivating.

Underground Utilities have been placed.

This hillside looks out to the east end peninsula of St John and out toward the British Virgins. The sun and full moon rise out of the sea. It is an enchanting sight.

The Villas at Estate Concordia Preserve

Construction Assistance / Sustainable Development

A critical challenge facing off-island property owners is the design and
construction of site sensitive villas . If you are interested in purchasing and
building a villa at the Preserve please become familiar with our Covenants and
Restrictions. It is our desire to “…ensure the development consistent with 1) the
principals of sustainable development and preservation of natural, historical and
cultural resources 3) promotion of indigenous flora 4) management and discouragement of non-indigenous flora and fauna… 5) maintenance of privacy and 6) good relations with the other property owners, the Concordia eco-resort and the Virgin Islands National Park.”

We have a long history of construction and low impact development in the US Virgin Islands. We are pleased to make recommendations, provide local knowledge and liaison with contractors who have adopted and adhere to the principals of the Island Green Building Association. We are open to discussing how our land and facilities may be used to assist with staging and we are available to help co-ordinate construction activity between Preserve members to minimize cost and environmental impact.


Owners of villa sites at Concordia are encouraged to work with The St. John Land Trust if they are interested in conservation easements or land donations in an effort to preserve native vegetation on their site. We are pleased to announce that the buyer of parcels 30 Remainder, 29A and 30-6 has donated 6 acres of his purchase to the VI National Park. Stanley Selengut, the owner of all parcels for sale listed above is in the Process of donating the majority of the Nanny Point land parcel to the St. John Land Trust to preserve the area as green space for the enjoyment of all Preserve owners and visitors.
The Villas at Estate Concordia Preserve

The Resort and Eco-Tents are located on lots 20-26 Estate Concordia.


The Villa Sites are located on lots 7 thru 11, 13 thru 17, 29 and 30.

Ten Villa Sites have been sold in the past two years. There are currently five sites listed for sale and eight sites off the market.

Parcel Price Size

#11 $550,000 .865 acre

#29-1 $999,000 1.0 acre

# 30-1 Remainder $999,000 1.0 acre

#30-2A $1,750,000 1.0 acre

#30-3A $2,000,000 .800 acre

All lots listed and exclusively offered by Holiday Homes of St. John

Please contact Christie O’Neil at Holiday Homes, 340-776-6776 or
Maggie Day at Estate Concordia Preserve
maggie@maho.org 340-626-4868 340-776-0838

for information and a property tour


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