Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Carlos, Teran, Patrick, Lennox, Doug, Abel, and James (Welcome Back James!) are working very hard in the sun loading rockcribs. Thank you guys. The rockcribs are coming along. It is hot out there on the hill side. The guys have put up umbrellas to provide shade. Water is needed as it is consumed heavily. The crew is going to take off early tomorrow and go out on Dave's boat. The Virgin Islands has some of the most exquisite water in the world. It can be so blindingly beautiful at times. It's one of the those places where you look at a photo and say: "It truely is that color."

This retaining wall is going to blend very nicely into the hillside.

We met with the Backhoe crew this morning to push the time up to 10a.m before starting. Most of our guests have gone out to play by then.

Thank you for your patience.

You can get a perspective here of the view out to Ram Head. The umbrellas seem like a foreshadow of the cafe. We hope to be completed with the pavilion by December 1, 2006.

This is Lennox. He needs to return to St. Lucia for a while. He will be missed but he should be back in a month. Have a safe journey Lennox.

Maggie Day on her cell phone. Reception is not the best out this way. Maggie's priority is to get the building permit submitted for changes made to the Pavilion structure. The CZM permit allows us to do the site work but the building permit will let us begin on construction. Maggie is anxious to get the permit submitted before the Easter Holiday as well as the St. Thomas carnival when all work at Government offices slows to a crawl. It can take a month or more for a building permit to get processed.

I would like to nominate Maggie Day for Senator of the Virgin Islands. She is a great mediator and is well versed in politics and business. She has lived here for thirty years and is happily married with four children. Well loved here on St. John.

Carlos Solis, the Archeologist surveyor has given us some very exciting news. He has found a pre-ceramic historical site on Nanny Point, an area Stanley Selengut intends to donate to a conservation organization to preserve the natural habitat. This could be the most important historical site on St John. Carlos will continue his research and hopefully have a detailed report in a week. Fascinating!

I have to go to Cruz Bay now because Carlos left the Blazer parked at Gallows Point. I thought I was suppose to drive him in this morning but I guess he needed to get going. Thank you Carlos for all your work...


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