Thursday, June 22, 2006

Charlie has the last bag of concrete mix that I delivered from St Thomas. It rained like cats and dogs in St Thomas and it took 2 hours before I could get on a barge as only two were running. I picked up the permit at Division of Natural Planning and Resources (DPNR). They have their offices on the top floor of the airport in St Thomas. Be prepared to question the location of the cashiers office when they ask you to pay for a permit. Yet, through the rain and wait we finally have the permit therefore; we can start the footings for the columns and pavilion construction. The footings are all in place for the new stairway that will lead down from the pavilion.
O&E Heavy Equipment's Machines have been digging the hole for the 20000 gallon cistern. I had a nice conversation with Stanley Selengut today. He will be here in July to meet with us about future endeavors with our Art and Crafts center. His hope is to bring our ideas to other resorts around the world and set up Art Centers similar to what we have but with a new style. Imagine resorts all over the world that recycle their own glass and aluminum and turn it all into art that is showcased and sold in Galleries. Think about how much this could save on needless disposal. Great idea!
A huge trench was dug for the column foundation. This will be the main floor of the pavilion. I am heading out to look at some furniture for our Employee Residence. Juan Carlos has found another opportunity and will be leaving this week. Many thanks Carlos. We will miss you.


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