Saturday, June 10, 2006

We have been finishing up our employee residence. Estate Concordia Preserve Construction has it's office on the bottom floor. I have been painting the side of the house where our office is located. I hope to make it look nice for Maggie when she returns. Segundo and his crew have finished with the Rockcribs up at the Pavilion site. They will begin the stairway down from the pool area next. We are having some issues with the building permit for the Pavilion but hopefully get it straighten out next week.

It's not looking bad. Channel 8 News Cancelled yesterday due to camera malfunction. I checked my messages this morning and Channel 8 News phoned to say they would be on the 9 am boat. There goes the day off. That's okay...Should be fun. I love showing Concordia.

The Employee Residence has an awesome Mango Tree along with lime, Almond, Sour Sap trees. The House has an old well that we hope to dredge one day. Across the street is a salt pond teaming with birdlife and just over the ridge is the Exquisite Groot Pan Bay. The house has a Gabriel Garcia Marquez feel making it a great location for a story.


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