Friday, May 19, 2006

There's that view. It is going to be very beautiful to walk down and see the Pavilion silhouetted against this sky. Segundo and his crew are doing an awesome job constructing the Gabion Wall. The next level has started. We need to create a temporary fencing around the second level because it is 25 feet high
Hopefully Today, Blackhawk shipping out of Puerto Rico will be delivering our pre-designed Gable 7500 Greenhouse with 8mm Opal Polycarbonate roof. A product of the International Greenhouse Company. This will be the cover for the Pavilion and Cafe.! Nesbit Trucking is going to do the clearing of customs and delivery to St. John. We were wanting the items to be sent over on the barge, Tortola Pride because it comes directly to St. John however, Blackhawk was chosen by the Puerto Rico office.

This is the lower deck where the cafe will be. It looks out over salt pond.
You can see the level of gabion walls. I am standing where the parking will be and entry to the cafe.
We need to create an access stairway down to the Pavilion. This service stairway for employees may serve that purpose. It starts at the the pool and Registration office. It will need some renovation.


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