Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Melody Smith is Maho Bay's Art Center's Marketing Director. She is talking to local school children about our art classes in glass blowing, ceramics, paper making, and textiles. There was a great turn out today for Earth Day in The Park in Cruz Bay.
Jared Hill is explaining how a solar panel activates the pump that triggers a fountain of water. The kids loved it!
Stanley Selengut and Maggie Day. Stanley had to go back home today but will return next Thursday and join us for our end of season party. He said the public hearing went well.

This electric car was one of the show pieces. I brought Stanley over to hint at a possible electric car at Concordia one day.

This turtle showed up. It is a very cool experience to swim in these clear waters and come across a hawksbill or green turtle casually gliding through the water beneath you.

A fun afternoon!


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