Friday, April 14, 2006

I had a fun tour today of Concordia. Everyone falls in love with the place. I drove everyone back to Maho and stopped by the Glass Blowing Studio. Check out the art work at Resident Artist, Jake Barron is giving a class to a young Maho guest. Jake and Greg Lee have produced fine pieces of glass art over the years. It is a beautiful craft especially at night as the furnace glows among participants and spectators.
Concordia will have an art center similar to Maho where glass and aluminum will be recycled into art. Maggie brought Christian Thornton over to Concordia yesterday to discuss the future of the recycling center. Christian Thornton is well known within the glassblowing community for his exquisite designs. Christian will teach us how to set up an aluminum recycling area as well as creating art from the metal.
Gail Van De Bogart at Maho Bay Clayworks. She has potter wheels as well as a wood fire kiln. The art center has been a fabulous addition to Maho Bay and will make Concordia even more extraordinary. Her and I created the mosaic in the photo. Gail offers classes as well.

" Christian Thornton started his glass career in 1984 in Spokane, WA. After two years of graphic arts studies, he moved to New York to work exclusively in glass. By the late 90s, he was working as a conservator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, teaching for UrbanGlass, and working as a glass artist. Now living and creating art in Oaxaca, Mexico, Christian is continuing in an effort to promote environmental approaches to the glass art field with formulated recycled glass and more efficient equipment design. He has work in collections around the US and Mexico, notably in the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art. Christian is currently working on an exhibition that will commence in the Galaria Quetzalli and travel to several other galleries and museums in Mexico for the duration of 2007. "

Always an impressive sky show at Concordia. A pleasant rain came through this morning. We needed it as the island has been looking a bit brown. It is great for the cisterns. The cabins are fun when a storm comes through. Be sure to check out the archives in this Blog.


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