Thursday, April 13, 2006

A car barge arriving to take the KIA and I along with a few others to St Thomas. This is the Roanoke. I love the palm trees. The Roanoke is the most accommodating of all the car barges. It takes about 35 minutes to get to the Red Hook dock in St. Thomas. The cost is between $42.00 and $50.00 for a roundtrip.

Then, you have the General. It needs a paint job. I missed the first two barges but was able to get on the Roanoke. This is also St John's new barge dock replacing the old loading place in downtown Cruz Bay. The traffic and congestion grew very tiresome for us all. Congratulations on this new dock. I wonder if they will open up the waterfront to shops or restaurants.

As you can see the view is pleasant. That is St Thomas in the distance. I needed to go over to pick up two bath vanity cabinets, interior doors, get new tires put on for the Kia, (Which is super cool to drive by the way)- tiles, ceiling fans, fluorescent lights, screws, mirrors...Home Depot was not much of a help in assisting my needs. Whereas, The Seachest was over extending with help. It turns out I purchased poor quality vanity cabinets. Termites would shred them within two years. So, I will need to return them. My work is teaching me about what it will take in building a home. In the states, the vanity cabinets I purchased would have fine but not here. Home Depot should not be selling that type of quality here and they should have helped me when I asked.

Here comes The General. It was a long day as the 6:30pm barge pulls in. The barges stop running at 7pm. That is St John in the distance.

I love riding on the barges or ferries at this time of day. The air feels very refreshing and the water is peaceful.


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