Monday, April 10, 2006

The guys did quite a bit of work Friday. I have to call Maho to see if I can get the dump truck to load a mulcher I rented. The KIA is not registered yet but should be later today. I finally will be able to get rid of the debris from the wetland construction. Maggie had to go to St Thomas to meet with DPNR (Dept of Planning and Natural Resources) . They handle the building permits.

I will have to go over to St Thomas Tomorrow. I get to take the KIA. It's like driving a bubble. We need several items for the downstairs Staff House. There is a Home Depot on St Thomas that satisfies many needs. We also use MSI and Seachest. Then there is always Kmart. No Walmart yet...surprisingly. The Virgin Islands has recently adopted the EDC (Economic Development Commission) program that gives businesses many economical advantages in buying local merchandise. Go to to find out all about life here in the US Virgin Islands.

More ground was dug out. This will be the future parking area for the Pavilion. Rock cribs will act as a foundation wall for the parking area. We are planning on keeping the road to the Pavilion graded instead of paved. This will keep a more natural feel to the environment. There is poetry in a morning walk on a dirt road as doves play their flutes in the trees, and the distant chimes of boats echo up the hillside.
Tranquil Salt Pond Bay. This is one of the views you will see if you are sitting on the lower deck of the Pavilion. Looks like a painting.

Oh yeah, the sunrise wasn't that bad either. This is currently E19 but once I finish with the numbered tiles it will become Sage Point 10. I can not express how wonderful the mornings are here.


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