Sunday, April 16, 2006

A beautiful Saturday morning at Salt Pond Beach. Estate Concordia Preserve is nestled on the distant hillside. I am standing where you would take the Ram Head trail or Drunk Bay trail. The snorkeling at Salt Pond Beach is superb. It is also a nice bay to take a swim. The most threatening creature in the water is the sea urchin. Never stand on or touch the coral reef. It is a complex world of tiny organisms living in colonies under the sea. A wonder to view. I haven't been snorkeling in a while. Night snorkeling is an exciting adventure. Be sure to go out with George at Maho Bay's Paradise Aqua Tours.
Here is a fine view of the clearing and wall construction for the Yoga Pavilion. I am on the Salt Pond Trail from Concordia. It is a 20 minute hike down to the beach or a short trip by car. We kept the cabins above the construction unoccupied. We appreciate everybody's cooperation. Norman Island and Peter Island in the distance.
Nanny Point Peninsula in the middle. Be sure to read the entry on our land that is for sale at Nanny Point. I just walked down to Drunk Bay. I made a short film for school here once when a sail boat had washed ashore and rested here for years. It was a film about finding a briefcase full of money and what the young lovers do with it. I made an A.
One night upon a full moon I took a hike with some friends to the cliffs of Ram head. Once we reached the cliffs of this dramatic coastline I looked back at Concordia and was so pleased with it's low lighting. The resort emitted such a warm presence, a place that looked like a haven for the spirit. The Yoga Pavilion is going to be an exquisite site from this perspective. Be sure to wear toe covered shoes as turks cap cactus dot the terrain on the trail to Ram Head. Always have water.
e15 will soon become Orchid 4. Butterfly orchids are a common site at Concordia. On my tour last Friday a guest said to me: "I wasn't expecting to be...but I am very impressed with Concordia." Happy Easter everyone!


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