Thursday, April 20, 2006

It looks like someone has done some clearing on Parcel 30-1. The view has to be one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean; The British Virgin Islands along with the east end peninsula of St John. Let's take a look at that view.
Isn't that wondrous? There is the road that leads to Nanny Point.
Tortola's Sage Mountain looms in the distance. A beautiful rain forest lies within its peak. If you think St. John has some steep roads wait till you drive up some of the hills in Tortola. Remember, we drive on the left.

Here is a view from Parcel 11. A more tranquil and relaxing view. Sometimes, the subtleties of life are the most rewarding.

Think of the possibilities of a sight sensitive villa nestled on this hillside. Utilize the forces of nature such as the sun and wind. Create a home that blends into the hillside that provides a true Caribbean ambiance. Create the most enchanting home on the island and make it low impact; An Architectural Digest showcase.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I need to go assist with setting up a booth in Cruz Bay with Jared and Melody who are from Maho Bay. We will be displaying glass art as well as perform solar demonstrations.


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