Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another layer of rockcribs have been added. We had to order 75 more cribs yesterday from Puerto Rico. They should arrive next Tuesday. Stanley arrived yesterday. Maggie and Stanley had a public hearing today on expanding Maho Bay's Art Center. It is also Budget week therfore, all the managers will be busy putting their department finances together. Our end of season party should be coming up.

Here is a view of the Caribbean Sea from where the lower deck of the pavilion will rest.

I delivered more rock cribs. Segundo, Carlos, and Patrick unload them. We have a great crew working for us. Segundo has worked for Stanley for 20 some years.

Assistant Maintenance Manager Joseph and I assemble PVC fittings with thermometers inside. These will be connected to the Solar Showers in the new Eco Cabins. The water is heated in a black 50 gallon drum on the roof of each Eco Tent. The drum is sheltered by an A-frame plexiglass roof. The solar power operates an 8 amp refrigerator, a 12 volt water pump, 12 volt wall fans, 5 wall lights, and a voltage reader.

I stopped by Registration to get a coke and Dominique was there to greet me. Unfortunately for us, Dominique will be going back to San Francisco in a month. She has worked off and on for us over the past 6 years so hopefully she will get an itch to return. Everyone comes back to St. John. It's that kind of place. The idyllic lifestyle of the Caribbean sinks in your blood. We will miss you Dominique.


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