Monday, April 17, 2006

Maggie showed me Kat Sowa's beautiful rendition of the future yoga pavilion. The watercolor captures Glenn Speer's exquisite design of the Pavilion along with the surrounding environment. You can see the expansiveness of the view. A cafe will exist within it's arena along with massage rooms and...Who knows what we will think of. I can't help but see a bride and groom standing in that entry way. I look forward to walking down the graded road in the morning for a cup of coffee. The morning sounds are very soothing and refreshing. I love the soft flutes the morning doves play.

Hopefully, I can get a double expresso.

I can not believe it's the middle of April. Time just disappears here...

Thank you Kat for this beautiful rendition of Estate Concordia Preserve's Yoga Pavilion. The design is awesome. Thank you Glenn


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