Sunday, April 30, 2006

Majestic Construction finally was able to bring out concrete to pour the walls for our constructed wetland at the Residence House. I need to go over to St Thomas soon to purchase furnishings for the Resident Manager's living area. It will be a great feeling to have the house completed and focus mainly on the Pavilion construction and possibly more Eco Tent building. We did a big road clean up the other day. Looks great now. It is amazing how stuff piles up. Storage is needed constantly. I can not wait to have a new maintenance building where everything will be stored in one area and easily accessed.
We waited a month for the concrete to come in. The Rock Cribs were delayed a week in shipping from Puerto Rico so we had the crew come down to help finish up on our Residence House and constructed wetland.
It turns out that not enough concrete was brought out for full completion of the wall so we will need to purchase more and mix it by hand to fill in the rest. Our staff party was held at Pastory Gardens last night. It was a nice evening. I need to get with Jared who took photos. Thank you Stanley for the party.


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