Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here is the last phase of Eco Tents back in early October, 2005. You can see the platforms and framing. We completed these by December 15th, 2005.
Here they are now. The wind is eternal on this hillside as well as the waves along Drunk Bay. There were a lot of children here for Easter vacation. The holidays bring the most families. The days in between tend to bring couples and friends. This time of year usually denotes the end of season but over the last few years we have been booked up to 90% through July 4th. Contact our reservations office at 800-392-9004 to find out if we have any specials during the summer.

General Manager, Joe Feraco otherwise known as Papa Joe is walking with Shay Copeland, Concordia's Resident Manager. Our volunteer program begins soon. Estate Concordia offers a work exchange program where we ask you for 120 hours of labor for a months worth of lodging along with discounts on activities and food at Maho Bay. Read about the program at:

I started out as a volunteer back in 1986 when there were only two of us taking advantage of this cool opportunity. Now, we receive over a thousand applications per season. Everyone benefits from this exchange.


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