Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Back Ho arrived to the Staff House to begin filling the constructed wetland with gravel and soil as well as leveling out the yard.

Dave laid out the Perforated pipe and 4 " PVC that was connected to the septic tank and to a small leach field. The walls have been double coated with through-o-seal. These machines are like dinosaurs. I recall the fascination of them when I was a boy. Did you ever see "Kill Dozer" about a bull dozer that comes to life after being struck by a radioactive meteor? It was pretty corny. I loved it at 10 years old.
You can see the layer of gravel and soil. Imagine this full of plants one day. No one would ever know. Mary Blezine suggested mangroves as a possible species to plant in the wetland.
It went mostly smooth but the back ho cut into our neighbors electric line causing his power to go out. Luckily Tom, our electrician and Dave were there to fix the problem. We also discovered that the septic tank is too high, so it will need to be dug out around the sides and let the pressure off to help settle it back into place. A very good week for progress. I finished installing the room tiles. Joseph changed out the Screens in the Older Eco Tents. The constructed wetland was filled in. The staff house interior and floors have been painted. New solar panels were installed for Turks Cap 9 with great help from our volunteers Ben and Evan. We moved our office. It looks great! The pavilion wall is growing.

I stopped down to see the progress on the pavilion early this morning. Charlie was there enjoying the peace and solitude. Estate Concordia Preserve is such a beautiful place. There is a hint of a John Constable painting within this photograph. He would have loved the skies of Estate Concordia.


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