Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The parking area has been raised another level. We are still waiting for the permit to put up the Greenhouse roof. Channel 8 news will be coming over from St Croix on Friday to film Concordia for a special segment on their program. I will give a property tour but I get a little camera shy.
Mamey Peak looks down on the pavilion site. Cyrille Fontaine has come back to help us out. He brought his brother Nick. We are happy to have you back. Carnival has officially started on St John and runs to July 4th ending in Fireworks in Cruz Bay. There is a popular all night dance party that happens in the street of Cruz Bay called Jouvert (Joo-vei). It begins at 4 a.m. I'll stay home.

I was able to get the business licenses for the Cafe and Tavern Keeper. Groups have been inquiring about the pavilion and some have reserved the space for next season.
I do not want to say it but Hurricane Season officially began June 1st. It runs to December 1st but the main season is August and September when the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean are at their warmest. General Manager, Papa Joe held a prep meeting with the managers yesterday to go over procedures in case of a storm. We have a great hurricane action plan. I was here in 1989 when Hugo devastated the islands includng Maho Bay. It was a rare occurrence for the Virgin Islands to have a hurricane back then so no one was prepared and no one evacuated! Since then, everyone takes great care to prep for an oncoming storm. Hurricane Marilyn was devastating back in 1995 but we were much better prepared. For me, Hurricanes appear to be more of a cleansing agent than anything. St John comes back so green and the waters look so clear. It takes about 3 weeks to grow back. If you truely love deserted beaches then the best time to come is two weeks after a storm. August and September are generally slow due to the threat of storms but it's a big ocean out there and we have a better chance of not getting hit. Keep track of the weather with us. Our coordinates are Lat/Lon: 18.3° N 64.8° W


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