Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Frangipani Tree in the foreground sits on Nanny Point. One acre parcels are for sale along this hillside. We named one of the sections at Concordia after this tree that produces an aromatic flower. Hawaiian Leis are made of Frangipani flowers along with other floral and fauna. The odor is delicious.
I took this shot from the deck of E7, soon to be Frangipani 20. The Green House arrived and we removed the pieces one by one and stored the items under tarps. The structure should go up in about 6 weeks. We are waiting for the building permit.
I was talking to Shay and Maggie about utilizing more of the garden solar lights for the boardwalk out to Sage Point. They are self sufficient so they do not need to run off the grid and they actually are beautiful at night and make great guide lights. Mike Nelsen and Nick Lebre from Six Rivers Solar out of Eureka California installed our solar systems on phase 3 and 4 of the Eco Cabins. We placed these panels off the boardwalk for some cabins due to shade trees blocking the suns rays, otherwise the panels are placed off the decks of the cabins. 3 panels charge 6 golf cart batteries.

Turks Cap Cactus dot Nanny Point's trail. You can see some roofs of the Eco Tents on the distant hillside. These funky cactus produce an even funkier fruit that resembles a Candy Corn but is neon pink. They have a mild taste similar to a strawberry. The cactus is also called Barrell, Pope's Head, and Compass Plant (known to point to the south).

These tiles are my favorite. I like the exotic color. The boardwalk ends just a few feet away but over the years the railing will come down and the boardwalk will continue up the hillside to a Restaurant, an Amphitheatre, Art Center, and other resort facilities. Are there Eco friendly Tennis Courts?
It was another productive week:
The Pavilion’s second level has begun and leveled.
The Greenhouse roof has been delivered.
The Constructed Wetland has been piped and the septic resettled for connection.
More solar panels were installed with the help of our volunteers.
New Maintenance Manager began at Concordia.l His name is Don Cofield.
Thermometers are being installed.
The AC has been installed in the office
New Washing machines and plumbing have been set up in the house.
We purchased a UV filter that will kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water.
Gail has finished glazing and firing the next set of room tiles.
A huge pile of concrete and tile has been removed from our service road. Looks so much better now.
And of course, The employee house is getting closer to completion. The outside aesthetics are being applied.


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