Friday, May 26, 2006

Segundo and his crew constructed this boardwalk in 2004 for phase 3 of the Eco Tents. It rises 20 feet. This is the more tranquil side of Estate Concordia where you hear the sounds of Tree Frogs and Morning Doves. This is the Gumbo Limbo section. The valley below a lovely sight.

The cabins are more secluded on this side and have shade trees. Here is Gumbo Limbo 25 nestled off by itself.
Here is probably the most requested studio unit, A-8. It's wrap around porch and high wooden beam ceiling create the perfect Caribbean get-away. Be sure to reserve early as we try our best to fulfill requests.

Papaya Trees shoot up along the stairway to Gumbo Limbo 23. One of natures greatest foods...The Papaya. Other fruit trees you may encounter on St. John are the Hearty and Filling Sour Sap and Mango. Genips are tart flavored fruits that flourish in the summer months. Sugar apples are delicious and exotic. Passion fruit vines dangle in areas. Tamarind is in season right now. The Guavea Berry comes around during Christmas time and is a favorite wine by many locals during the holiday season. When I first came to St John 20 years ago, I wanted to live like Tarzan and eat the fruits of trees and fish the waters. I am still a true believer in self sufficiency and simplicity. Where's Cheetah?

Dave and Carlos hooked up the septic to the Constructed Wetland. We'll need to let it fill half way so the weight of the soil does not crush it.


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