Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The guys have stepped into over drive on the last few weeks. The roof has been completed and the skylights in the store are almost ready to be installed. We hope to open the store and bathroom areas in the next week. The cafe and pavilion will be the next step.
We received concrete last week to pour the walkway and the stairs and the entrance of the site. We are scheduled to receive two more loads one this week and another next week to complete the wheelchair access and walkways.

Pouring the walkway takes three or four guys and a great deal of hard work. It all must happen quickly to insure the concrete does not harden before they have distributed it evenly. Below Dave, Stafford, Alfredo, Segundo, and Lennox work together to distribute the concrete.The railings will be attached to the outer side once the cement has hardened.

Cyrille is working on the landing which will house the ice machine outside of the cafe level.Below Alfredo walks up the newly completed staircase which connects the cafe to the upper pavilion area.The painters are back on site and have begun to paint the floor of the store so we can install the shelves and coolers this weekend. It will be nice to have one part of the project complete. In the image below you can see Cyrille working in the skylight opening to form up the raised opening for both windows. The two loads of gravel arrived last week and we have had the track hoe out at the site working to distribute it evenly across the pavilion area and also in the parking area in the image below. The gravel should help with dust and mud once the pavilion has opened. Below you can see the track hoe preparing the parking lot area for the gravel and also our first delivery.

Below you can see the huge mound of gravel that must be distributed in this area.

As mentioned above the roof installation has been completed and it looks wonderful.

Alfredo and Edward have completed the staircase down from the campground area. Below you can see the almost finished product.

Our welder has been working hared to complete the awning supports so that the fabric can be attached as soon as possible. Below you can see a picture of Paul welding the beams together on the cafe deck. We have also received the roll down shutters and are working on installing those as we speak.

The parking lot gravel has been distributed and it looks great.

What a wonderful view we have!!



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