Friday, December 08, 2006

The crew has begun removing the framing from the store and the decorative windows look great, I can only imagine what they will look like when the glass blocks have been installed. There will be two blocks per window one on the outside and one on the inside of the store.
The image above was taken during our last large delivery of cement. You can see the crew perched on top of the walls while they work together to direct the pump truck in pouring our walls. You can see below how much work goes into framing up the walls prior to the cement delivery. This has all been removed now and the wood is being reused in the framing of the roof inside. During the week we were also able to get our retaining wall for the cafe poured so our sump-pump instalation and back fill can now proceed. As mentioned above the framing for the store roof has begun and we are scheduled to pour again next week. Once the ceiling of the store is complete the crew can begin working on the stucco, columns, and installation of the pavers for the floor in the cafe. The installation of the floor boards in the pavilion will also be completed in the next week.We successfully completed our first column which has served as a learning experience for the crew. Stafford our carpenter has modified his design for the remaining columns to insure a flawless piece. We have decided to use Vaseline instead of wax on the colum frames in order to minimize the concrete's adherence to the framing system. Our architect also feels like this is a very good idea. It may be hard to understand this concept if you aren't in the field of construction!! :-)

I will try to keep you updated next week on our progress.
Keep checking back for more updates prior to your visit with us!!



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