Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Above is a picture taken of Concordia from the Ram Head Trail. On the right is the newest section of tents. Notice the long flight of stairs at the end...imagine the workout you can get carrying luggage from your car at the top to your tent at the bottom! The studios and registration are on the left side of the picture. The pavilion is not yet visibile but it will soon be a predominant feature on the hillside.

The cistern has been painted with tar to seal out water from the hill. Last week truckloads of dirt were brought in to backfill against the cistern. The crew used a tamper to compress the dirt as they were back filling. A tamper operates a lot like a flat-footed jackhammer, pounding the dirt as someone guides it along. The backfill area has to be completely tamped down for every foot of dirt that was added.

Remember all that concrete that was poured last time? Well it is dry and new forms are being built for our next concrete pour. Our big projects right now are rebuilding the gabion basket wall that had collapsed a few weeks ago and the pavilion roof is going up now. I'll be sure to get a picture of the hillside once the roof is up. It will be the first time the pavilion will be visible from a distance. More pictures to come! Check back often!


At 9:34 PM, Blogger WAY said...

If Victor is gone, who is writing this blog?

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Estate Concordia Preserve-St. John Virgin Islands said...

Yes Victor is gone and Kirsten was writing the Blogg but I have taken over the Blogg for now. I am Audrey a new bookeeper and site cordinator at Concordia. Let me know if you have any suggestions about the Blogg info I include.


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