Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sage Point 15 looks out over Drunk Bay. There were several surfers out today as a southerly swell came in. The Maintenance Staff and volunteers have been installing new solar panels on the older cabins. We needed to upgrade the old systems from a two panel service to a three panel. Everyone should consider solar when building a home. Great for drive way lights and garden lights. Science is trying to learn new ways to utilize solar without a battery bank. Go to this website for information about solar energy and consider whether it would be suitable for your home or business.
John's Folly is right around the Nanny Point Peninsula. You look down on it when you drive up to Estate Concordia's Entrance. There is a rustic and truly authentic little novelty hang out in John's Folly called Sweet's. Take a drive or walk to Sweet's and kick back island style.
Here is Turks Cap 8. This cabin was built in 1993 along with 4 others. These were the first cabins to be constructed. Their design is different than our recent cabins but they have a rustic homestyle feel about them. Every Cabin has it's own character and view.
Coral Bay is the closest town to Estate Concordia. You can find ATM's, Groceries, Restaurants, and some cool historic sites. One of the great aspects of having the New Pavilion and Cafe is that you will not need a car as everything will be right here. But Coral Bay is worth a visit. There is rumor of a 116 slip Marina to be constructed in the near future.
The Turpentine Tree or Gumbo Limbo is full of leaves. This tree takes on so many personalities over the year. This will be the Frangipani section of Concordia. I need to install a few more room tiles on the cabins. Gail is working on the final tiles that will name each section. I will be taking a two week vacation starting Monday. I have a Philanthropist coming to see me.


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