Monday, July 17, 2006

I am back from a two week on island vacation. Alfredo has been finishing up on the stairway that leads down to the new Pavilion and Cafe. The railings will need to be installed this week.

The concrete has been poured in the forms and metal posts have been installed for the main floor of the Pavilion.

The forms and rebar have been laid out for the concrete pour for the 20000 gallon cistern.

I stayed in Sage Point 12 with a friend for a week during my on island vacation. It was a great opportunity to experience a new cabin. The wind was eternal and the waves soothed the senses. Rain showers would periodically come throughout the night. Seagulls and pelicans glided under the deck and out to the sea. The full moon was in all it's glory rising over Concordia. The sun rose right in the frame of the bedroom window. It was perfect. Stanley has created a fantastic place!


At 5:38 AM, Blogger ASH said...

We worried about the changes. Our family has vacationed twice at Estate Concordia in the eco tents. We don't take very many vacations so going there twice means we REALLY loved it.

Will it still be quiet and peaceful? Will the take it or leave it area still be there...the place where guests leave things they don't want to carry back home--like coffee, olive oil etc.

We love our privacy, will we still have it? Will it cost more? Will our affordable stay in paradise be lost? We are worried.
Where else can we go?


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