Sunday, July 30, 2006

The camera fell on the floor causing it to malfunction so I need to send it in for repair. My sincere apologies. A Tropical Wave has been passing through for a few days with heavy showers, thunder, and lightning causing the rocky guts all over the island to fill with flowing fresh water. Reef Bay has a spectacular water fall after a heavy rain. A friend and I hiked up to a nearby gut yesterday and found an awesome waterfall. It felt great! However, the rains have caused some minor flooding, including some areas around our new Pavilion and Cafe. A section of the Gabion wall collapsed due to the stress of recent construction activity as well as the flooding. More Gabion Baskets have been ordered and should arrive on Tuesday. A minor setback and fixable. We are waiting for cement to arrive on island so we can do the concrete pour for the cistern. We have had some setbacks this week but overall the progress is coming along. There is another Tropical Wave approaching the territory in the next few days. All eyes are on the weather now as the prime season for Hurricanes approaches.
However, The Sun will rise again.


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