Thursday, November 16, 2006

A light shower cooled off the morning as our crew set out for yet another day on the job. As the plywood comes down off the walls it becomes easier to see the final vision of our project. The entire job is coming together rather nicely.

The crew is working hard to take down the forms today. After the walls have cured you have to remove the boards so they can completely set using the sun and natural heat of the island. All of the walls came out great and they will continue forming up the store (Above Left) in time for our next pour in the coming week. You can also see the beginning of our column system behind Bernard. As mentioned before, we will have 4 columns formed to support the greenhouse roofing system between the two buildings.

The picture above shows the three storage rooms that will be used to store pavilion supplies like our yoga mats and extra chairs. Once a pour is complete and the forms are removed, all of the excess concrete must be removed from inside the rooms. There is always a great deal of splash that occurs when using a concrete pump truck. Patrick is working inside the storage rooms to insure that all of the material is removed and disposed of properly.

I was able to snap a picture of one of the column bases that will be formed up next week. Each of the columns will be 4' x 4' with a decorative Glen Spear original design. Dave and our new carpenter will beginning work on thest in the coming week. The columns, however, must be hand poured due to their intricate design so the crew has a great deal of concrete mixing to do very soon. I wonder if Dave has told them this yet? I can't wait to see how they will turn out.

There was enough concrete on Tuesday to also begin the pour along the rock cribs which will be the base for the railing system that will be installed along the entire perimeter of the pavilion site. Behind this new wall will eventually be the porch for the cafe.

We received our order of 40 windows yesterday through Tropical and hope to begin installing them in the next week. It finally feels like it is all coming to a close. We will soon have the coolers and other various supplies ready to be installed and stocked up for the guests.


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