Monday, October 23, 2006

Construction has continued with minimal setbacks and down falls since the last report. We are happy to announce that Segundo has returned to the crew and has fallen back into the flow on the job site. He seems to be excited to be back on the island and on the job.

We were able to complete the greenhouse roofing on the pavilion, we poured the floor of the bathroom, and the walls of the cafe have also been poured. Due to camera malfunctions there are no pictures available but I will update them as soon as possible.

We have had quite a few sever thunder storms during which we had a large part of the excavated hillside sluff off and fall down the hill. Luckily no one was on or near the area at the time but the large rocks will need to be removed and portions of our framing and roofing materials were damaged. We will need to reorder 3 portions of gutter material and realign the rebar in the form for the storage area of the pavilion that was damaged. This has put the crew a bit behind but as usual we are working hard to overcome these untimely delays.

At this time in the construction schedule we are working on the install of the flooring in the pavilion and also the framing on the ceiling and top floor of the cafe which will eventually house our new store. We are on schedule to also begin ordering materials for the project which include the cafe fixtures, the cafe awning, chairs and tables, and the windows and doors for the entire project.

In the scope of the entire project it would be ambitions to say that we are on the home stretch but we are definitely much closer to completion regardless of the setbacks we are still coming across daily. Check back soon we will have photos and updates as our project nears completion.


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