Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hooray.... we recieved our concrete order!!!

The construction is back on schedule and we are doing a large pour today that will take a total of 5 truck loads full to complete. I was able to visit the site this morning to snap a few pictures of the guys working hard to pour the walls of the storage area and bathrooms for the pavilion. We will finish the framing for the store (below left) once we remove the forms for the bathrooms(below right). The plan is to reuse the wood for the framing on the store as well. There was a breakdown at the concrete plant and this has caused a delay in our concrete schedule but hopefully we will be back on schedule after this pour.

We have to use a concrete pumping truck to pour the walls of the building. It is always amazing to see these types of heavy machinery at work. It takes a great deal of power and precision to pump cement through a 20ft tube and into a wall yards away. Geff our pumping guy is great he always has a smile even when he is covered in cement (he probably wouldn't have it any other way).

Dave, our site contractor, takes a walk through of the site during the pour. He is working hard on the framing of our columns that will support the roofing material between the two buildings. On the right you can see how the walls will slope upward to meet the roof between them. The framing on the store side will have this same pitch.

The crew work hard perched on top of the wall while leveling off the freshly poured cement. They use various machined to insure that no air is trapped in the wall prior to it setting permanently. The steps of pouring concrete are very important to follow in order to have a structurally sound building.

This is a view of the East facing wall of the store. You can see salt pond bay in the distance and also the 6 windows that will allow for ample sunshine into the store. These windows will be placed all around the top floor of both the pavilion and cafe for natural light. We have insured that the maximum amount of natural light is let into the buildings.


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