Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This week is a big one for us one the site. All of our contractors are on the job putting the finishing touches to their part of the construction.

The trailer is unloaded as I mentioned before and we have secured the items for the mean time at our staff house. In the image above you can see the items covered by a tarp. Once the roof sections arrive we will begin to move the large coolers into the store and cafe areas.

Cyrille and Paul are working diligently to fasten the steel beams that will be the support for the green house roofing material that will cover the store and bathroom entrance. In the image above you can see how it comes together, below you can see Paul getting dirty cutting the cement for the beams on the bathroom side.

Below Cyrille gives me a demonstration of how he fell on our last construction project. He is trying to be much more careful this time, so don't worry mom!!The crew poured the cap for the rock cribs along the entire length of the site last week. In the image below you can see Stafford attaching the rebar inside the form.

The cap will be used in attaching the railing system that arrived a few weeks ago. The crew has begun opening the boxes and reading the directions to insure it is put together properly.

The cap is about 2 feet wide and will almost disappear once the gravel has been installed. You can see the railing system in the images below. All the sections must be counted and organized prior to installation.

The crew poured the cover for the cistern and the counter in the cafe last week as well. In the picture below you can see that the counter is in the same style as the bathroom counters and has already been painted as well. The plumber, painter, welder, and electrician have all been out the the site working on their projects.

One of our contractors, Eyeball Engineering, is doing our onsite welding and they are moving quickly. You can see him working to weld the large I beams together for the roof support in the picture below. Once he has completed this he will move on to the roof cross beams, the grill grease trap, and awning supports for the cafe.

Check back with us soon for more updates and on site news!!



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