Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We have all been hard at work in the last few weeks. The crew is working to set up the cafe today and the store will be soon to follow. Kat Sowa has been on site these last weeks working on the finishing touches of her mural and also on the positioning of the boulder garden landscaping around the site. Above is a picture of Kat's completed mural. The picture hardly does it justice you just have to come and see it in person.The guys were able to complete the slab pour between the two buildings that will aid in wheelchair access to all parts of the site. Our campground already has 4 accessible tents and this will allow our guests who are in wheelchairs to also access our dining, yoga center, store, and pavilion facilities.Above Cyrille smoothes out the slab to insure that no water will pond on the slab when it rains.The back staircase is almost completed as well. Alfredo is working diligently on the fabrication of the baulsters now that the handrails are in place.The awning is complete and ready for the fabric to be installed. We are ordering a sand colored fabric in a fire resistant finish to complete the cafe site. The grill will be out doors and we need to insure the safety of its constant operation. Out bar is ready this week and will be delivered and installed by the end of this week. I will be sure to add pictures when this happens.
Kat is overseeing the placement of each boulder to insure that they all add to the natural beauty of the site. All of the boulders that are being used were removed from the site during the initial excavation. We have tried to re-use all the materials from the site that we could.Eva, Kat and Dave's timid pooch, searches for shade in the heat of the day. That might not be the best place to sleep!

Above Bobby our excavator poses with Kat next to one of the larger boulders that he helped us position at the entrance of the cafe.
As mentioned above the cafe is being set up today. Above Mon the new cafe manager tours the site with Joe and Jennifer. In the image below Mon and Maggie work to unwrap all of the appliances in the cafe. We are getting our electrical inspection tomorrow so we can then begin stocking our coolers for opening day! The landscapers are on site today working on the placement of the cactus garden and other plant around the site. Below you can see them working on the rock garden.
Jody, one of our excavators, takes a break in the shade on the newly created seating area. These rocks will be used by guest for star gazing at night, climbing, and as a shady spot during the day.
Below you can see our finished pavilion deck. Its hard to believe that this entire project began with an idea of creating a yoga center and has transformed into a beautiful spot for meetings, weddings, lunch, dinner, breakfast, and just plain relaxation. I just can't wait for it to open!
Well, I have to go work on the store layout but if you have any questions about our new store, cafe, or pavilion feel free to email me. I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions!
Check back soon!!



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