Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome to our new Cafe, Store, and Pavilion!!

The day is fast approaching for you to join us at our newly built pavilion site. The construction is complete and we are stocking the shelves, fine tuning the menu, and rolling up the yoga mats in anticipation of your joining us for our grand opening.

Our cafe manager Mon Phon and store manager Sara Over have joined the team and are ironing out the workings of our brand new cafe and store. Mon, a well traveled chef is planing a wonderful menu that will feature both Caribbean and Asian cuisine as well as special "you be the grill master" dinner . Sara joins our team from our sister property Maho Bay and hopes to provide you with all the essential sundries for your Caribbean vacation.

Above is a picture of the cafe area and chairs overlooking beautiful Salt Pond Bay where fantastic sunsets can be viewed all winter long. You may think the image below was taken from the pavilion but it is a mural done by local artist Kat Sowa.

Gail Van De Bogart a local potter made these beautiful sconces for us at the Maho Bay art studio. The sconces are made of both clay and recycled glass. They line the breezeway between the store and massage area.Our first guest were able to enjoy the pavilion this weekend and all reports on their stay were great. We can't wait for you to join us as well!

The image below gives you a view of the pavilion area with the rock garden in the back ground.

We are only a 20 minute walk up our trail from Salt Pond Bay and only 20 minute drive out of near by Coral Bay on Route 107. The view is beautiful and the breeze is cool so stop by and visit us. Our site features a general store, yoga and massage by appointment, activities center, beach gear rental, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are fully wheelchair accessible and of course groups are always welcome!

We hope to see you soon!

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