Wednesday, August 22, 2007

~Whats Happening At Concordia~
It's been very busy around camp since the store and cafe opened in early May. It has been hard to find time to update the blog much less take pictures of the events that we have hosted in our new pavilion.
Our recent guests have had the chance to enjoy our new Activity area, weekly yoga classes, guided hikes, hermit crab races, and of course the delicious food in our cafe.
Above you can see one of the hermit crab races that were held in the pavilion area. Currently we are having hermit crab races twice a week. We are trying to make the pavilion activities both fun and educational so a brief lecture on the crabs and their activity in the wild is given prior to each race. The kids come up with their own names for the crabs and bait is used to lure the crab to the end of the track.
The hermit crab races have been very popular with the kids and their parents as well. We always insure that no kids or crabs are hurt during the race.
The race above was a photo finish, I think he won by an antennae....!
I have also been doing a weekly hike to Ram Head, which is the closest of the hiking trails in the National Park. During the hike I identify numerous plants and animals that we come encounter with and also answer any of the guests questions. The hike is almost 2 miles there and back across the rugged terrain of the south side of St. John. Above is a picture of my first group of hikers: Bob, Tom, Rachel, Thomas, Grace, Cam, Laura, Colin, Ellie, and Owen. You guys were great!!
We stopped at the top of Ram Head for a break, snack, and a chance to cast a wish into the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Ram Head is 300ft above sea level.
Ram Head is a very unique location that is touched by both of these oceans!!
The image above is a picture of Concordia from the top of Ram Head. You can see how far the hike is with this picture. The large structure in the lower part of the resort is the store, cafe, and pavilion area.
The resort will be closed during September but when we re-open in October there will be new activities and events so keep checking back with us.
Don't forget to send your comments and questions I am always happy to help!!


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