Thursday, September 13, 2007

~ Estate Concordia Preserve ~
Now that our Pavilion, Store and Cafe Concordia construction phase is nearly 100% completed, we'll be morphing the blog into an info space where you can find out what's happening here at Concordia, at Maho Bay Camps, and around St. John. I will continue to post as frequently as possible, probably weekly. The photos in this posting were taken around our property so you can get an idea of the tranquility and beauty of our location on the island. Feel free to write to me if you have any questions about either property and if I can't answer your questions I will pass them along to someone who can.

Concordia has been closed for the month of September for maintenance and renovations , and has reopened on October 1. The store is open , Cafe Concordia will reopen in late October or early November.

As you may have seen in the last posting we have begun to add new activities to our weekly schedule and we are planning to have many more exciting activities for the upcoming season. I would love to use this blog and the ease of the Internet to invite you to give us feedback on the sorts of activities you would like to participate in at Concordia.
The Activity desk is in the Concordia general store where you can also rent snorkel gear and beach chairs during your stay. You don't have to be a guest to utilize our activity desk so feel free to stop up if you are visiting Salt Pond bay or hiking to Ram Head while you are on St. John. For the upcoming season our activities will be expanding to possibly include many of the following functions: movies, tours, introductory slide show, live music, crab races, guided hikes, massage, yoga, and guided snorkels. As I mentioned feel free to give me your feedback, we want to provide our guests with as many exciting activity options as possible.
I would also like to announce that both Concordia and Maho will be joining the fight to reduce plastic waste on our planet. Beginning this season we will be removing all single serving bottled water from our store shelves and replacing them will refillable containers that can be purchased and refilled with chilled reverse osmosis water from an island bottling company. We hope that this will greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste on St. John. St. John does not currently have a plastics recycling program. The Maho Art Center works to reduce waste at the camp by recycling linens, glass, and aluminum. Every scrap of solid waste removed from the stream makes a difference. In a recent August 20th Time magazine article it was shown that a leading bottled water company produced 7lbs of green house gases in just transportation of their product. It also stated that we create nearly 2 billion lbs of plastic bottle waste a year in the US alone. By making this small change, we hope to affect a considerable reduction in the amount of waste created by our campgrounds. We hope that you will support us in our efforts to preserve our island paradise for our residents and future visitors alike.

In the coming season we will also begin offering our guests a high speed internet connection at three stations in our general store. The time for Internet use will be purchased in the store and can be used during your stay with us. Perhaps in time we will also be creating a hot spot in our Cafe, where for a fee anyone would be able to connect a wireless equipped laptop!

I hope you choose to join us this season, partake in our new activities and see how great a green vacation realy can be!!

Hope to see you soon!!!



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