Thursday, March 30, 2006

I took a walk early this morning to see how the digging went yesterday for the Pavilion. I took a walk through Estate Concordia. The guys are working at the employee house finishing up the downstairs kitchen and painting the walls. More gabion baskets (rock cribs) are being tied together and should begin the rock filling tomorrow.

Concordia is so peaceful and refreshing in the cool mornings. When you come and stay with us be sure to rise and take a walk around early in the morning. The following photos help explain why...

From top: Ramhead, Saltpond Bay, A turpentine tree, walking down to our last phase of Eco Tents.

As you can see, it is simply beautiful.

The new Yoga Pavilion will be nestled amongst all of this splendor. It will be so nice to have a cafe where you can enjoy a meal while being engulfed by this natural wonder.

Well, the day starts off as I learn that I have to go to St Thomas. We need more supplies. This means I have to take the car barge . St Thomas can be quite an adventure when you are not on vacation.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Constructed Wetland:

Joe Gelt states:

In brief, a constructed wetland is a water treatment facility. Duplicating the processes occurring in natural wetlands, constructed wetlands are complex, integrated systems in which water, plants, animal, microrganisms and the environmnent--sun, soil, air interact to improve water quality...

Estate Concordia Preserve has created this constructed wetland for it's new Employee House. We are currently researching the type of plants that will be used to keep the wetland active and functional. It has taken six weeks to create it this far. Sorry for not being able to include the cement pour. Always a fun activity...

It's March 28, 2006. Abel, Teran, Lennox, Patrick, and Carlos have been setting up the Gabion Baskets that will serve as a foundation for the new Yoga pavilion. The baskets will be filled with stones and set up along the hillside to help support the structure.

Silt Fences have been put up around the clearing perimeter where the Yoga pavilion will sit. Concordia is on the arid side of St John where Pipe Organ Cactus and Turpentine trees dot the landscape.

This is very exciting! The Yoga pavilion will make a great addition to Estate Concordia. Our apologies for the noise.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Estate Concordia Preserve, a 50 acre resort community incorporating sustainable design, nestled on a hillside on the south of St. John the Emerald Gem of The Virgin Islands, is beginning the first stages of construction on it's yoga pavilion. It has been two years since Estate Concordia began its third and fourth phases of Eco Tent construction. We have finished 14 solar powered eco tents that have been received with great review. Four of the cabins have been made accessible for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

The 2005 phase of the Eco Tents was exciting as we all labored on an arid hillside to construct seven new cabins overlooking the Caribbean Sea and out to the British Virgin Islands where the waves knock on your door 24 hours a day and the wind is a constant fan.

The future looks exciting as we have plans for a new restaurant, an amphitheatre, a gift shop, and an arts and crafts facility where glass blowing will be demonstrated and taught. We are very excited about the Yoga Pavilion that was designed by Architect, Glenn Speer who designed the exquisite Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay. The Yoga Pavilion will have massage rooms and a café, a marvelous addition to Estate Concordia.

Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer, Stanley Selengut is the visionary behind Estate Concordia and it’s popular parent resort Maho Bay Camps: He has created a place where time stops. Where the moon and sun rise out of the sea. A non-pretentious place where nature is the entertainment.

St. John has become in demand for it's natural island beauty…forever protected by The National Park System. St. John offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Caribbean. One and two acre parcels are for sale down the road from Estate Concordia where underground utilities have been placed and a paved road has been set. Estate Concordia will be setting up a Villa Management Company that will provide many services for it's guests including Maintenance, Provisioning, Housekeeping, and Construction. Please contact Christie O’Neil at Holiday Homes of St. John: 340-776.6776 or Maggie Day at

Phew! Seems like quite a bit of work is store for all of us. We are also finishing up on our employee housing where we are creating a Constructed Wetland:

Check back with us as Stanley Selengut, Maggie Day, Dave Thompson, Victor Nunnally, Shay Copeland, Glenn Speer, Mary Blezin, Joe Feraco, Segundo Soto, Kevin Updike, and all the wonderful people who work on this project put together a resort community based on sustainable design. We are working on improving our co-existence with nature. Come along with us and experience putting together this unique community. Check for Blog postings every few days to observe our journey. Hope to see you soon.

We would like to start off by saying congratulations to Dave and Kat on their recent union at Lameshur Bay.