Friday, June 30, 2006

Wooden Forms were made to go around the circular plastic drums for the Pavilion Columns. I picked up the hoop rebar and L-rebar that the guys will tie together and sit inside the forms for the column support when the concrete is poured.
A nice morning shower came through this morning as I took photos of the progress. The stairway down to the pavilion will be completed within two weeks.
One of the column forms.
Nick, Charlie, and Alfredo construct another deck from our pool area that connects to the new stairway.
More area has been dug out for the Pavilion Cistern.

Monday, June 26, 2006

These plastic circular bins were cut out for the column footings on the main floor of the pavilion.
The crew is moving along quickly on the stairway that leads from the pool to the Pavilion. We sent out a Newsletter to everyone last week so the news is out. I have a feeling we are going to get several calls from group organizations. It will be a perfect spot for a retreat. Please read the archives of this blog as you will discover the world of Concordia and the construction projects we are working on and have completed. This has been fun covering our efforts. Everyone should keep a journal.
Orchid 1, an accessible cabin is the first Eco Tent you pass when entering Concordia. No stairs. We installed ramps that provide access for individuals in wheelchair's.
The Flamboyant tree shows off it's peak beauty during the month of July. These trees are seen everywhere on St John. They indicate that the Summer is definitely here with their fiery color. I do believe Maggie returns today from her trip. Bienvenue en arriere Magggie. Nous nous sommes ennuyes de toi. J'espere que votre voyage recompensait !

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Charlie has the last bag of concrete mix that I delivered from St Thomas. It rained like cats and dogs in St Thomas and it took 2 hours before I could get on a barge as only two were running. I picked up the permit at Division of Natural Planning and Resources (DPNR). They have their offices on the top floor of the airport in St Thomas. Be prepared to question the location of the cashiers office when they ask you to pay for a permit. Yet, through the rain and wait we finally have the permit therefore; we can start the footings for the columns and pavilion construction. The footings are all in place for the new stairway that will lead down from the pavilion.
O&E Heavy Equipment's Machines have been digging the hole for the 20000 gallon cistern. I had a nice conversation with Stanley Selengut today. He will be here in July to meet with us about future endeavors with our Art and Crafts center. His hope is to bring our ideas to other resorts around the world and set up Art Centers similar to what we have but with a new style. Imagine resorts all over the world that recycle their own glass and aluminum and turn it all into art that is showcased and sold in Galleries. Think about how much this could save on needless disposal. Great idea!
A huge trench was dug for the column foundation. This will be the main floor of the pavilion. I am heading out to look at some furniture for our Employee Residence. Juan Carlos has found another opportunity and will be leaving this week. Many thanks Carlos. We will miss you.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The rock cribs have been completed for our new Pavilion and Cafe. Click on the photo for a closer look at the site plan.

Here is the curved deck that rises 30 feet and in the distance is the parking area. There's the Kia Dump Truck that has been serving many purposes. I need to get a chain for the gate because it keeps falling off when I go to the Transfer Station to dump a load of debris. It has been raining off and on this past week. It has been refreshing as it settles the ash from Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat that travels this far from 300 miles south. Part of the volcano's Dome collapsed. Check it out at Once in a while the Sahara Sands travel all the way across the Atlantic and cast a desert glow in the sky. But 90% of the year, the skies are vibrant blue and the water is a miraculous array of sparkling hues.

Forming for the pavilion floor has begun.

I went last week to Home Depot on St Thomas to pick up two pallets of Quickcrete for the post foundations for the new stairway to the Pavilion. Too heavy for the Kia so I had to take the company dump truck. The stairway starts right at the pool. Estate Concordia is perfect for all kinds of groups that need a space to set up a retreat. There is no porter service at Concordia nor is there gratuity. We are pretty easy going but will do all we can to provide you with a wonderful and memorable experience.

Friday's Concordia Tour was fun. It was a perfect day. Every time I take a group to a cabin out on Sage Point it seems everyone falls into a state of comfort and awe as soon as I unto a window zipper panel and expose the breathtaking view and Tradewinds. Lovia and Paul in the fore front of the photo have joined our reservations team and came a long on the tour. Welcome aboard guys.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another lovely day at Estate Concordia. Channel 8 News has been here this weekend to showcase Estate Concordia and Maho Bay Camps on their Caribbean Wild segment. We had a nice interview and I showed them around the property as well as Maho Bay Camps.
Nanny Point Peninsula can be seen through Sage Point 21's bedroom window. The wind pours through once you unzip this window panel.Refreshing
Here is Johanna filming in the Gumbo Limbo section. I was not camera shy like I thought I would be.
Every Eco Cabin offers an awesome view off their cozy decks.
Barometers and solar meters are in all of the cabins. The EcoTents have a boater/camper feel to them. There are five beds in every cabin. We came up with a new design for the twin beds in the lower bedroom so if you wish to have king size bed just lift and hook the left side twin to the wall and pull out the frame on the right side twin. Rest the other mattress in the king frame and we will give you a king size mattress pad and a king size blanket.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

We have been finishing up our employee residence. Estate Concordia Preserve Construction has it's office on the bottom floor. I have been painting the side of the house where our office is located. I hope to make it look nice for Maggie when she returns. Segundo and his crew have finished with the Rockcribs up at the Pavilion site. They will begin the stairway down from the pool area next. We are having some issues with the building permit for the Pavilion but hopefully get it straighten out next week.

It's not looking bad. Channel 8 News Cancelled yesterday due to camera malfunction. I checked my messages this morning and Channel 8 News phoned to say they would be on the 9 am boat. There goes the day off. That's okay...Should be fun. I love showing Concordia.

The Employee Residence has an awesome Mango Tree along with lime, Almond, Sour Sap trees. The House has an old well that we hope to dredge one day. Across the street is a salt pond teaming with birdlife and just over the ridge is the Exquisite Groot Pan Bay. The house has a Gabriel Garcia Marquez feel making it a great location for a story.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The parking area has been raised another level. We are still waiting for the permit to put up the Greenhouse roof. Channel 8 news will be coming over from St Croix on Friday to film Concordia for a special segment on their program. I will give a property tour but I get a little camera shy.
Mamey Peak looks down on the pavilion site. Cyrille Fontaine has come back to help us out. He brought his brother Nick. We are happy to have you back. Carnival has officially started on St John and runs to July 4th ending in Fireworks in Cruz Bay. There is a popular all night dance party that happens in the street of Cruz Bay called Jouvert (Joo-vei). It begins at 4 a.m. I'll stay home.

I was able to get the business licenses for the Cafe and Tavern Keeper. Groups have been inquiring about the pavilion and some have reserved the space for next season.
I do not want to say it but Hurricane Season officially began June 1st. It runs to December 1st but the main season is August and September when the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean are at their warmest. General Manager, Papa Joe held a prep meeting with the managers yesterday to go over procedures in case of a storm. We have a great hurricane action plan. I was here in 1989 when Hugo devastated the islands includng Maho Bay. It was a rare occurrence for the Virgin Islands to have a hurricane back then so no one was prepared and no one evacuated! Since then, everyone takes great care to prep for an oncoming storm. Hurricane Marilyn was devastating back in 1995 but we were much better prepared. For me, Hurricanes appear to be more of a cleansing agent than anything. St John comes back so green and the waters look so clear. It takes about 3 weeks to grow back. If you truely love deserted beaches then the best time to come is two weeks after a storm. August and September are generally slow due to the threat of storms but it's a big ocean out there and we have a better chance of not getting hit. Keep track of the weather with us. Our coordinates are Lat/Lon: 18.3° N 64.8° W

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here is the Trail Head to Salt Pond Bay. It starts off the Pavilion Road and takes about 25 minutes to reach the water. You will pass by a fresh water pond and one of the oldest buildings on St John. Concordia was a small plantation in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Wow! Segundo and his crew are moving along quickly. This is a gabion wall for a future drive way and parking. Segundo has cleared the path for the new tree covered stairway that will lead to the Pavilion from the pool area.

Here is a close up of the rockcribs filled with stones. From a distance, they look like old plantation ruins. I wonder what the lighting will be like. I was thinking that sconces made by our art department would be pretty.

More Rockcribs await their filling. This stage should be finishing up soon and we will be laying out the forming for the floor next. Still waiting for the permit to allow the green house roof to go up. Gail gave me the second set of room tiles to mount on the Cabins. I am painting the employee house today. Maggie has gone away for vacation. I hope we can get a lot accomplished in a month while she is away. Au revoir Maggie, nous espérons que vous avez un voyage sûr et plaisant !